2010 Subaru Brand Movie "The CarParts"

2010 Subaru Brand Movie "The CarParts"

Brand Movie "The CarParts" Wins Silver at One Show Design Awards www.subaru-global.com The Subaru brand movie "The CarParts" has won the silver award at the One Show festival, run by The One Club in New York, USA between May 9 and 13. To suit Subaru's new brand statement, imaginary driving scenes were developed consisting entirely of Subaru (car) parts and composed into a film, all with the aim of creating a fresh visual impact using driving images that have never been seen before. The film expresses how Subaru is a brand that is relentlessly pursuing and creating "enjoyment" as its core value throughout a variety of driving situations, as well as working to achieve state-of-the-art technologies and car manufacturing excellence.

@umauma_udon やあスバルちゃん。朝食は何が良いかな。

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@HINAtan555 行ってらっしやい!スバルと明太子のお土産待ってるww


@mirai1019 スバルに血を吸われたい朝日奈未來、おはよう。僕と朝から会話できたんだから、今日も一日がんばってよね

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