Let's Play: 'Little Princess' (Rhapsody 2) - 1

Let's Play: 'Little Princess' (Rhapsody 2) - 1

Hey guys! I'm back! This is my first LP upload from college and my first LP recorded on my macbook instead of my desktop, so fingers crossed everything works out okay. Thanks Asty for the awesome suggestion! This is Little Princess (リトルプリンセス:マール王国の人形姫2), the second game in the Marl Kingdom game series. Rhapsody, the first game in the series, was released in the West but the other two were never translated unfortunately. Rhapsody is a great game so I recommend you either check it our for yourself or watch my LP of it so that you know all of the background to this game. This game is colourful, cheerful, and musical! Check it out and cheer it up! :D
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