globe / Perfume of love

globe / Perfume of love
We out on the rode enjoying our wealth, around the globe our stories are felt, cause I can do baaaad by myyyyyyyyself

@harzeni16 owo?how much?globe?

RT @PetraMahalimuyk: I miss those days when a special someone texts me "Morning babe! I love you." Now it's just "Your Globe SUPER COMBO 20 has already expired"

Globe is the new Sun. Grabe. Delayed messages! Buti pa ang @SMARTCares! Make the switch! #LiveMore

If Al Trautwig has his way, Jordyn Wieber will be winning the Oscar, Emmy, Grammy, Golden Globe and Nobel Peace Prize this year #London2012

RT @Kpop_Globe: Anyeong min GS lanjut #ff aja yah bayar utang tadi malem langsung mulai.

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