Stop!! Hibari-kun! EP 03 1/3 FANSUB

Stop!! Hibari-kun! EP 03 1/3 FANSUB

Episode 3 Part 1 The subtitles during the opening theme now show the translation of the Japanese credits. Please see Episode 2 for the song lyrics. Translator's note: "Attohômu" spoken by Hibari's Dad(2:27) and then by Tsugumi(3:45) is an obscure loanword from the English "at home." Here, my choice of translation is being family friendly. In Japanese, it is used to single mindedly mean being homelike. So when the word first appeared in episode 2 (see at 0:37 in part 2: the choice was being at ease. However, it is the Ôzora Group's motto and I do not find that the unfitting image is properly conveyed by this choice. I now think that the present translation fits much better in the story line. I corrected the first translation in episode 2 with the Youtube Annotation.

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