Joy Division Love will tear us apart BBC version

Joy Division Love will tear us apart BBC version

HD version available at The earliest recorded version of the song produced as a John Peel Session for the BBC in 1979.The original band footage is a mixture of a performance video shot by the band for the single release (minus the damaged shots) and live concert excerpts from Plank, Brussels and the Apollo, Manchester. . We needed to do some tricky retiming and editing to sync it up with the footage which is from completely different versions of the song. Odd to discover that much of the original performance video done for the single release wasn't edited properly with much of the shots of the band playing not cut accurately to the audio.
RT @artulennon: Let's Dance To Joy Division es la canción perfecta para tirarse al público desde el escenario.

Let's dance to joy division and celebrate the irony

Sair de Joy Division pra Radiohead... ai ai

RT @raquelfia: @wtfdua @CamilaBorba5 SIUDHSIDHUSH Omfg que competição!!! Caramba, Joy Division são puras lágrimas

#NP Joy Division-Love Will tear us apart

RT @BelFluidoRosa: La camiseta a la que más cariño tengo es a la de Joy Division y después la de Toundra. Puro amor.

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