Patrick Cox on Olympic Gold

Patrick Cox on Olympic Gold

See Patrick Cox speaking at the Ping! table tennis event held in Leicester on Saturday July 9 2011. Patrick talks about his experience of winning a gold medal for table tennis at the 2011 Special Olympics in Athens.
RT @comedyphrase: Spongebob: "What do you usually do when I'm gone?" Patrick: "Wait for you to come back." ♥

@turnbomb ahhh I just googled them, they're nobodys. Especially when I have Paul Scholes, Patrick Stewart and Brian Cox... come onnn

フィットハウスいきたい((´^ω^))GUCCIの腕時計とPATRICK COXの財布がほしいんです((´^ω^))しかし支払いでほとんどflyawayするから贅沢できない((´^ω^))

@rocktheboatrow @patrick_kidd surely that's what cox boxes are for! #turnupthevolume #dorneyroar

@runlikeelle Patrick Moore.. or a Milky Way chocolate bar.. Or Brian Cox..

Motley Crew through to the finals!! @VicInstSport girls Phoebe Stanley, Robyn Selby Smith and Lizzie Patrick (cox) - Go Vics!

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