Grandover BIG Boys Splash Contest

Grandover BIG Boys Splash Contest

This is a video of the 2007 4th of July Grandover BIG Boys Splash Contest.
Great to see a bit of man love from the boys, holding hands and as they arrive at the pool deck! #London2012 #aussiepride

I had fun hanging out by the pool with my boys. Jeremiah is getting braver. Its naptime 4 a short bit. Hopefully have time 2 go 2 the Y #fb

bit of humility in the pool boys...

@w2f だって、Pool Bit Boys なんてもう誰も知らないと思ってたから…www 誰かのリツイートで見たけど、踊ってるうどん君、可愛かったよ!!(キラッ)

Gettin in the pool with the little boys in a little bit. Possibly takin them to see Ice Age tomorrow

#nowplaying 蒼の軌跡 by pool bit boys

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